About Us

Catch Themes is a division of Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd which focuses on creating simple, minimalistic, content-rich WordPress themes that are absolutely elegant. We complement that with simple user interfaces, the best customer support, and compatibility with WordPress Theme Customizer which allows you to make real-time customization.

The Beginning

Catch Themes was born in 2012 when Mr. Sakin Shrestha, the founder of Catch Themes, was trying to make a website of his own, sakinshrestha.com. He downloaded the default WordPress theme: “Twenty Eleven“. However, it didn’t have enough functionality for his purposes, so he made some alterations — he added some sliders, boxes, and menus, and got it ready for his site. Since he had created a new theme, he figured he would add it to the themes library. He called it Catch Box, created the name Catch Themes for the submission, and submitted the theme to Catch Themes in wordpress.org.

On the day the theme went live in Catch Themes in wordpress.org theme repository, it was downloaded over 500 times, and the number of downloads kept going up every day. The theme became so successful that it was one of the top-5 themes on WordPress at one point. Having his theme becomes one of the top 5 Themes on WordPress.org gave Sakin the push that he needed to start product development. He made another theme, Simple Catch, from scratch, and Catch Themes started accepting donations. Eventually, he created Catch Box Pro and Simple Catch Pro on 21st Sept 2012, and Catch Themes was officially in business.

Eight years down the road and Catch Themes has a total of 162 WordPress Themes, including both Premium and Free. Likewise, we have 11 Premium and 24 Free WordPress plugins available. Our themes and plugins are highly customizable, easy to set up, secure, and come packaged with effective support.

Our Team

We are a tightly-knit team of young and motivated designers, developers, writers, and reviewers, creating themes that can help a diverse range of users – be it students, professionals, businesses, bloggers & other creatives – showcase themselves on the internet. We work tirelessly to keep up-to-date on emerging web.

Giving Back

Catch Themes actively contributes to the WordPress community by reviewing themes, submitting a patch to the core, and developing themes and plugins. We are among the founding members of WordPress Nepal, regularly organizing monthly meetups for the community. We have also been involved in organizing WordCamp Nepal since 2012. These efforts have inspired and connected a whole generation of WordPress enthusiasts in Nepal, and have led to the formation of many new companies working with WordPress.

Members of our team have participated in several WordPress conferences worldwide. Breaking the stereotypical barrier of a “Nepali company”, we have spread our reach in the international markets.

Our founder has already been one of the Key Theme Reviewer in WordPress.org. He was the first Nepali developer to submit a patch to the WordPress core and helped in translating WordPress into Nepali. He is also the co-owner of ThemeReview.co. He has also started ThemePalace.com, a curated marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins, which lets Nepali developers participate in the WordPress ecosystem even though they don’t have access to international payment gateways. Since WordPress is a community for the WordPressers and by the WordPressers and we, being a part of it, make sure that we do our bit to give back.