Climate Crisis Educational Resources

(This is an ever-evolving list and things will be added over time)

The best available science we have to date that is accepted by the most countries and scientists can be found at

More specifically, the IPCC special report on 1.5 degrees of warming above pre-industrial levels summary for policy makers can be found at

On a national (NI/UK) level, here are some resources on how we are doing in terms of the climate crisis:

NI Flood map

Climate Change in NI according to Government website

Air and water quality in NI

Information on climate activism:


Fridays for Future

YCANI (Youth Climate Association Northern Ireland)

FFF Digital

Polluters Out

Extinction Rebellion

Greenpeace UK

SYCS (Scottish Youth Climate Strike)


Some examples of various political models in response to this science can be found here:

Green New Deal EU,do%20not%20outsource%20extraction%20to%20the%20global%20South.

Green New Deal UK,and%20fairer%20society%2C%20by%20totally%20transforming%20our%20economy.

Green New Deal US

Paris Agreement

Kyoto Protocol

Links of general interest:

SOS Amazonia campaign,all%20aspects%20of%20society%20and%20this%20consequently%20

BBC interview with Greta Thunberg

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  1. I live in Argentina ….this is a land far from anything…even though pollution and deforestation are destroying our ecosystem but nobody notes anything because the eyes of the world are in other places…

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